Fallout 76: Massive Success or Colossal Failure ?

Attention this is a transmission from vault 76.

                        A new adventure has emerged, Fallout 76, an online fallout experience. Unfortunately, it has not been quite the experience most of us more looking for.  The game has a variety of issues that Bethesda has slowly begun to address. The game has a lot of potential, however some may consider it as a partially complete product. It has been plagued with a many issues from server lagging, dropping connection to the server, game crashes, graphical glitches. Many of these examples I’ve experienced myself through my Fallout 76 journey. There have been very harsh criticism directed at Fallout 76 as being very much “a work in progress” or simple just not a quality product or good game. Now, I’m not here to say I hate the game and further add to the plethora of articles confessing dissatisfaction. I want to further explore whether or not Bethesda can revitalize the title and make it more desirable. The only way I feel as though Bethesda can move forward is to actively listen to the fan feedback. Which, in fact, they have done! As cited here from Inside the Vault 76 news page, “Please share your feedback in our forums here or join our friends at Reddit to let us know what you think.”  This also includes the link to the forums for if you would like to ask a question or make a comment to them! This seems like solid attempt to actually question their own product and try to improve it.

One of the biggest topics surrounding Fallout 76 has been modders accessing a dev room. This resulted in Bethesda issuing bans to anyone participating in this hack. These hackers were accessing the room via 3rd modding/cheating applications. Fallouts official response via Facebook to this situation: “We are looking at the issue of the use by players of pc items that can only be obtained thanks to external tools providing access to ensure the integrity and stability of the game, the characters and accounts of players using such equipment will be temporarily” (https://www.facebook.com/OfficialFallout.Poland/posts/515226642218803) Bethesda has since removed any ability to access this room. A further warning sign to Bethesda is that players want more content readily available. Of course these actions of cheating are something I do not condone is any form. Hopefully, they can get past this so they can focus on correction of the game issues.

Additionally, recent updates as of the 10th of January seem to have promise. Playing the game it seemed to be more stable when I had logged in. It did have a few hiccups, but the server seemed to know to attempt reload the connection to the world. My gun and pip boy are no longer invisible upon logging on and the server did not disconnect me repeatedly. If you vault dwellers would like full break down of the version update, look right here: https://fallout.bethesda.net/article/7hpeHkKxyM6aMWUCCIkeW6/fallout-76-patch-notes-january-10-2019

Bethesda announced there will not be a separate game mode now from the menu designed for a more hardcore PVP experience. I feel like this addresses the needs of both the PVE and PVP player in Fallout 76. It will result in those who want to pvp to really have a true PVP experience, as the offering in the current game just doesn’t feel like PVP is really and option or even done heavily. The current server status, I would describe as a PVE server with a very rare PVP situation occurring. This, however, is only spoken from my experience playing. Lastly,  Bethesda has stated to be on the lookout for new content come to the game in the coming weeks!            In the end, Fallout 76 has great potential to be a great game. Hopefully, Bethesda can remain open to fan feedback and provide a more complete product that will continue to entertain their fans.

         Since originally writing this, Bethesda has since then pushed back patches and undone many of the fixes they applied to the servers. I’m currently done with playing the game due to this.  I had been working on the mission, “I am Become death” for 3 hours to only lose connection from the server along with my progress towards this achievement. Bethesda stated: “This change was originally implemented in Patch 4, and unintentionally reverted in Patch 5”. Why would they ever revert a patch unintentionally? This to me is just a foot and mouth save. I feel as though Bethesda has created a colossal failure by doing this and it is just disappointing, not only did they revert back they nerfed many perk cards as well. Refer to patch notes below regarding this update.


“Perks: The damage bonuses provided by each rank of the Demolition Expert perk have been reduced from +20%/40%/60%/80%/100% to +20%/30%/40%/50%/60% to match other weapon perk damage bonuses.

  • Perks: The condition loss bonuses provided by each rank of the White Knight and Licensed Plumber perks have been reduced from 30%/60%/90% to 20%/40%/60%, and their repair bonuses have also been reduced, to match the Power Patcher”

This unfair situation results in perks no longer being effective. Players created builds base on weapon perks, I was one of them and this severely  impacts the playability. In conclusion, I feel like Bethesda is going to run this game into the ground. Bethesda needs to provide the fans with a solid product not bring out an undeveloped game that feels like a beta or early access game. I feel as though it has become obvious that Bethesda doesn’t see fit to provide this game with the high level support and work it requires.

Overseer signing off, the vault is now closed